Specialized Workshop T1Tuesday September 27, 2022: 7am - 5:30pm - Lecture List

"Mass Spectrometry Novel Technologies, Novel Modalities, and Novel Challenges"

New Tools to Reach Max Sensitivity & Selectivity; Advanced Applications in Column Chemistry and Separations Techniques; Problem Solving for Novel Modalities, Non-Liquid and Rare Matrices Method Development/Validation

Part 1: Novel Technologies

  • Lecture 1:

    Myths and Realities in the Use of HILIC to Replace Ion-Pairing and Hexafluoroisopranol (HFIP) for Oligonucleotides Bioanalysis: Does it really work? Is it possible to reproduce the published results? Is sensitivity still a limitation with HILIC approaches?

  • Lecture 2:

    Use of Aptamers as a Novel Reagent in Regulated Bioanalysis for Large Molecule Quantification by Hybrid Assays (IA-MS): Advantaged and Disadvantages in using Aptamers in Immunoaffinity enrichment

  • Lecture 3:

    EAD vs CID Fragmentation for Small Molecule and their Metabolites: Is EAD Technology going to replace CID or do we still need both?

Part 2: Novel Modalities & Novel Method Development/Validation Challenges

  • Lectures 4, 5:

    Novel/Advanced Strategies and Recent Advancements in ADC Bioanalysis by Mass Spectrometry

    • Selecting the right Internal Standard - Lecture 4
    • Method Development approaches for Biotransformation - Lecture 5
  • Lectures 6, 7:

    Novel/Advanced Strategies and Recent Advancements in RNAi and ASO Therapeutics Bioanalysis by Mass Spectrometry

    • HRMS Method Development approaches for Metabolism/Biotransformation - Lecture 6
    • Advantages of Hybridization Mass Spec vs “gold standard” Hybridization LBA - Lecture 7

Part 3: Problem Solving for Non-Liquid and Rare Matrices

  • Lecture 8:

    Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell (PBMC) by Mass Spectrometry and Sample Preparation Strategies for Candidate Biomarkers Identification and Quantification

  • Lecture 9:

    Pushing the Sensitivity Limits of Mass Spec for Discovery Biomarkers Quantification in Non-Liquid Matrices by Novel Sample Preparation, Chromatography and Instrumentations

  • Lecture 10:

    Strategies for the Quantification of Fecal Biomarkers for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) by Mass Spectrometry

  • Lecture 11:

    Mass Spectrometry Advanced Application for Ophthalmology Molecules and Challenges in Multiple Ocular Matrices

Part 4: Novel Applications in Bioanalysis

  • Lecture 12:

    Recent Developments in Quantitative Bioanalysis of Protein Panel by Mass Spectrometry: What are the Acceptance Criteria and Regulatory Requirements for Targeted Proteomics?

  • Lecture 13:

    Complex Mass Spec Development, Validation and Method Transfer of Total Lipid and Multiple Isoforms Biomarkers

Part 5: White Paper in Bioanalysis

  • 2022 White Paper on Biomarker Topics:

    Consensus & Conclusions on Mass Spectrometry Bioanalysis Topics for 2022 White Paper

Agenda at a Glance Agenda at a Glance