17th WRIB Poster Abstract Submission is now CLOSED

Submission Deadline: April 21, 2023

Participate with a Poster in this international forum to present your advanced research to the global bioanalytical community, share your knowledge and expertise and have open discussions with other colleagues on your cutting-edge research that can have an impact on the Drug Discovery and Development.

Poster Acceptance Criteria:

  • Please ensure to highlight the Novelty of your Research in the submitted abstracts vs. already published/presented material (abstracts already presented at other conferences will NOT be accepted);
  • Abstracts must be actual data-driven & Non-Commercial;
  • Abstracts will be accepted based on 1) Novelty, 2) Relevance, and 3) Quality of your Data/Research.

Each attendee is permitted to present only ONE poster, and there is no restriction of the number of co-authorships.

Abstracts must have minimum 300 words (longer abstracts are welcome!) in total including title, novel aspect, introduction, method, results and conclusion.

All the posters will be presented during one of the Main Workshop DAYs based on the topic of your poster to match the Main Workshop program.

The size of poster boards is 8'X4' (8 feet wide and 4 feet high).

AGAIN Poster Award: There will be poster contest at the 17th WRIB like in previous years, and presenters of 3 most outstanding posters will each recieve free registration for next WRIB Main Workshop, as well as an interview by Bioanalysis Journal team, and appearing in a speical feature report in the Bioanalysis Journal and on Bioanalysis Zone.

16th WRIB Poster Award Winners

WRIB is proud to announce that each year WRIB Poster Screening Committee follows extremely high standard/criteria to select the Posters to be presented at WRIB based on 1) Novelty 2) Relevance and 3) Quality of Data/Research with a high rejection rate of over 50% (56% in 2022) of all submitted abstracts.

Hence, as expected, the quality of the posters presented at the 16th WRIB was so high that the Award Committee took a while to score & select the winning ones, and they had to expand the number of winners from 3 to 5 since we had the top 5 posters that scored exactly the same.

Finally here is the list of poster award winners (in order of Poster Numbers) from 16th WRIB:

  • Day1-P02

    "Development of a machine learning model for guiding the development of anti-drug antibody assays"
    - Chong Kim, AstraZeneca

  • Day1-P08

    "Development of PK and ADA methods for trispecific antibody: comparison of technologies and optimization"
    - Magali Carcenac, Sanofi

  • Day2-P02

    "Assessment of immunogenicity in SARS-CoV-2 naïve and convalescent subjects following COVID-19 vaccination"
    - Hua-Chen Chang, Labcorp Drug Development

  • Day3-P01

    "Qualification of a Machine Learning Approach for the Analysis of High-Dimension Immune-Profiling Data in Celiac Disease"
    - William McAuliffe, Takeda

  • Day3-P08

    "A Novel Hybrid LBA-micro-flow LC-MS/MS assay for PK Bioanalysis of ADCs"
    - Moo-jin Suh, AstraZeneca

Agenda at a Glance Agenda at a Glance